Never did I imagine it would be necessary to place a snake trap INSIDE my home.  However, after running thru the opened front door, and successfully alluding capture for two days, I was eager to get the large lizard out alive and unharmed for his sake and mine.  Within two hours of placing the Cahaba Snake Trap he was humanely captured and I was able to quickly and easily release him outside. Your Snake Trap is a great invention and its use is clearly not limited to just snakes! 


You came to my house the day that I contacted you about a snake that my daughter saw in our garage.  You placed two large traps in the basement garage area and after a week I was beginning to think that it had found its way back outside.  We left for vacation and when we returned five days later the snake was caught.  

I have attached pictures to see if you can identify what type of snake it was.  Please respond by e-mail or you can contact me  during the day.

I definitely feel better now that it has been caught but just having the traps in the basement has allowed me to park and walk through my basement again.




Thank you so much for all of your help this week.  I rec'd my traps yesterday in the mail and we have them set up in the basement and the house.  It has given me piece of mind, even though I sleep with a metal pipe right next to my bed.  As I explained, I am deathly afraid! 
I also wanted to thank you for all of the information that you sent with the traps.  We are pleased with them, it will save us money in the long run since they are reuseable.
Thank you again for your help!

Hi Buddy,
I recently called you to order one of your snake trap and we spoke at great length about the trap, snakes and my hatred I have towards snakes...good ones or bad ones...I hate them all.  I put the trap in the location I spotted snakes before and I finally caught my first snake about a week later.  I have one less snake to worry about around my house.  Snakes scare the heck out of me...I'd rather have rats, mice and lizards all around my property than one snake.  Thanks so much for coming up with such a unique way of trapping snakes....I'm going to use mine forever. 
Seminole, Fl

Seminole Fl

Pest Solutions of Tampa Bay Inc

I recently Purchase several Cahaba’s Snake traps to be used at some of my Pest Control customer. Since then I have caught up to 3 snakes per trap at some of my customer home. That is impressive. Now I am installing the traps not only at some of my residential pest control customers but at my commercial customers too. If you have any snakes around your home or Business use the Cahaba Snake traps. The trap is easy to use and very effective.I will recommend it as the best snake trap in the market.  

Ivan Grajales

Pest Solutions of Tampa Bay Inc.  

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I purchased the Cahaba Snake Trap to use on my boat dock.  I had seen a water snake around the boat dock. It was nesting in foam near my wave runner.
This was not a comfortable place to have a snake with many young children out on my dock.  I had tried for over a year to catch the snake with a  net and mechete.  The snake was too elusive and too quick.  I found several traps on the market but most were made of cardbard, I knew that would not last.  I found the Cahaba Snake Trap made of plastic and ordered one and placed it on my dock near where I had seen the snake.  Within several days the snake was caught.  I assumed my snake problems were over but decided to relocate the trap and within a week I caught a 2nd snake. I ordered more glue inserts and have caught 3 snakes.  I leave it on my dock and in addition to the snakes I catch quite a few insects.  The trap is easy to use and quite effective.  I use it on my dock, so it is in a wet situation as the trap is only a couple of inches above water.
I hope my snake problems are over but I am confident my Cahaba Trap will catch them.
John, Lago Vista, Tx     


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My name is Luke, I work for Cahaba Pest Control. After the owner had prefected the Cahaba Snake Trap I had a friend tell me about a snake that was in his basement.  I suggested trying the Cahaba Snake Trap.  We placed a trap up in the floor joist of the basement. In two to three weeks we caught a large snake.
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